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FAS-101. Professional Cleaning System for Building Faces

ФАС-101 состав для мытья поверхностей от промышленных загрязнений

Product description:

Special technical water-based agent is used to clean building faces and engineering structures from atmospheric, soil and oil contaminations. It is designed for surfaces with low and medium degree of contamination.

Types of surfaces it cleans:
The product is designed for plastered and painted surfaces, natural and artificial stone, brick, concrete, glass, plastics and both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


  • concentrate – to be dissolved in the ration of 1:50 to 1:100 for machine washing;
  • neutral, with no acids or alkalis, pH=7;
  • non-aggressive to cleaned surfaces;
  • gentle effect on cleaned surfaces.


  • 150-200 ml/sq m in case of manual application;
  • 50-100 ml/sq m in case of machine washing.

Working conditions: perform cleaning operations at minimum +5°С.


  1. Method 1: Apply 150-200 ml of undiluted FAS-101 per square meter (with a roller or a brush). After 10-15 minutes of exposure, flush the surface with water under pressure (using Karcher equipment) until it stops foaming. Manual flushing is possible in case of low contamination level (using brushes).
  2. Method 2: Rinse the surface with water diluted with FAS-101 in the ratio of 1:50 to 1:100 under pressure. Then flush it under pressure until it stops foaming. Method selection shall be based on applicable operating technology and depends on the contamination level and size of surface to be cleaned, the type of building face materials and their condition.

Caution! Wear overalls when using the product.
In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of running water.
The composition is flammable, safe for humans.

Transportation and storage conditions: store and transport in tightly closed containers at +5°С to +30°С. Avoid freezing or mixing with other agents.

Manufacturer warranty: The manufacturer ensures that the product complies with the specifications provided that transportation and storage requirements set out in this manual are observed. Warranty period in the original container is 12 months.

Appearance Transparent liquid, insignificant apalescene is acceptable.
Density 1,03-1,07
РН 7
Surfactants (SAS) weight ratio %, maximum: anionic 3,5
nonionic 6,5
ampholytic 2