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Old Paint Remover No. 280 for Antique Paintwork Materials (XVIII-XX cc.)

Old Paint Remover No. 280 for Antique Paintwork Materials (XVIII-XX cc.)

Product description:
Old Paint Remover No. 280 is designed to remove shellac, amber, colophonic, nitrocellulose and oil varnishes and stains (tonic compounds) from wood surfaces (furniture, musical instruments), including during restoration.

Special features: “Old paint remover” No. 280 is a mixture of semi-volatile organic solvents. It is a liquid (not jellylike) solution which penetrates immediately into the paint structure and destroys it. Being free of acids and alkalis (рН-neutral), it does not provoke corrosion. Old Paint Remover No. 280 does not contain any additives (thickeners, SAS, etc.), it consists of active solvents only, which allows it not to leave any traces after it dries out completely.

LIMITATIONS: Effectiveness of remover decreases significantly and its exposure time increases at a temperature below + 5?С. It is not recommended to apply the remover to a wet surface. Avoid contact with plastic items (glass units, doors or door studs), electrical insulation, construction PVC fittings or industrial rubber goods. Keep away from fire! Keep out of reach of children!

APPLICATION: Apply the remover with a brush, a wag or a spray diffuser from bottom to top or dip an item to be treated into it and expose for several minutes. During the operation mind a time factor, i.e. the period from application of Old Paint Remover No. 280 until removal of antique paintwork materials. Insufficient curing dissolves old coating partially, while excessive exposure leads to evaporation of solvent and affects the way your woodwork looks.
Remove dissolved (destructed) paint with a rag, a brush or an applicator from bottom to top or from edges to center. Repeat the procedure and increase exposure time for thick (multilayer) paintwork coatings or hard-porous surfaces. Cover the treated surface with a textile compress saturated with cleaner and then place a stretch film over it to enhance efficiency of the remover.

Caution! Volatile components that evolve during application have moderate irritating effect on conjunctiva and upper respiratory airways as well as light narcotic action. Wear overalls, rubber gloves and safety goggles when working with the product. In the event of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of running water.
Store and transport the product in tightly closed containers at -20°С to +30°С. Do not mix with other agents. The manufacturer ensures that the product complies with the specifications provided that transportation and storage requirements set out in this manual are observed.

Specifications Old Paint Remover No. 280
Base Organic solvents with high boiling temperature and low volatility, free from chlorine compounds.
Appearance Clear liquid with specific odor
Density, kg/l 0.88 – 0.95
Exposure time, minutes from 2 to 30
Consumption per layer, l/sq m, minimum 0,2
Working temperature range of treated surfaces, ?С from +5 to + 50
Storage (in the original package from date of manufacture) 2 years
Package polyethylene containers (10 l each)