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Dimet® Exterior Paint Cleaner (Remover)

Dimet® Exterior Paint Cleaner (Remover)

Product description:

DESIGNATION: Dimet® Exterior Paint Remover is used to soften and remove acrylate, oil, alkyd, perchlorovinyl and polymeric petroleum paints and water-dispersion solutions from exterior and interior surfaces.

1. Designation: “Cold” chemical destruction and removal of old paints by means of manual application or dipping. It removes all types of paintwork materials, including epoxy and powdered ones, except for pure silicate paints (based on liquid glass). If there are any other old layers (filler, primer, etc.) under the water-glass paint, they can be removed with the Old Paint Remover.

2. Benefits: Old Paint Remover does not contain any acids or alkali (рН neutral), which ensures rust sluggishness (it does not destroy concrete, wood, brick or tile and does not produce a corrosion effect on metal surfaces you clean). Owing to thickeners that reliably hold active components in a jellylike condition, it can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces. Surfactants (SAS) and minimum proportion of paraffin (some compositions are free of paraffin) allow to remove paints along with the Old Paint Remover following a conventional method (mechanically: with an applicator, a scraper or a chisel) or with a radial water jet under pressure (using K?rcher high-pressure cleaners). Application of the Old Paint Remover before sandblasting operations allows to get rid of hard-to-remove coatings without destruction of a base surface.

3. Limitations: When a temperature of a treated surface is above +35°С, the solvent evaporates faster, decreasing the lifetime of the Old Paint Remover. Effectiveness of remover is compromised significantly and its exposure time increases at a temperature below + 5?С. Do not apply to a wet surface. The agent is aggressive to plastics and rubber. Avoid contact of with metal-filled plastic (glass units, doors or door bucks), electrical insulation and construction PVC fittings.

4. Guidelines for selection of composition: No. 158 – based on methylene chloride. It is a fast-setting Old Paint Remover providing a long coating life as compared to traditional methylene chloride compositions. If appropriate consumption rate is observed, you will not need to wait 4 hours until it dries. Moreover, this remover allows to clean external coatings in the winter period
No. 161 – based on semi-volatile and high-boiling solvents and free of methylene chloride. It is recommended for removal of multilayer coatings, including the systems with imperfect interlayer adhesion. With at least one hour of exposure period, this remover is not as fast-setting as methylene chloride compositions. It removes more complicated surface coatings and does not dry on the surface within 24 hours and within 36 hours in a polyethylene compress. It is optimal for removal of stucco, including gesso, as it softens gesso more gently than methylene chloride compositions.
No. 222, No. 223 and SP-67 (grade А) – so-called “hybrid” compositions based on methylene chloride and mixture of semi-volatile solvents. It is recommended for removal of multilayer coatings, including “hot” surfaces up to +35°С on the sunny side in the summer period. “Lifetime” is minimum 8 hours in the polyethylene compress.

5. Application: Before application, allow the Old Paint Remover to stand for 24 at a constant temperature of 0°С to 30°С. Apply the Old Paint Remover with a brush, an applicator or a roller in even 0.3-1.0 mm thick layers (but not thinner than total thickness of paint to be removed) without stippling. As an alternative, you may dip required parts in the remover. To enhance efficiency cover a treated surface with a film (make a polyethylene compress). Remove the emolliated layer with an applicator or a water jet under pressure; degrease the surface with solvent if necessary. It is preferred to flush parts not just with water but with a FAS-104 technical cleaning and inhibiting solution. The agent protects metal from corrosion and prepares it for further painting, while increasing the interoperation storage period in the open air under shelter up to 6 months.

6. Procedure for selecting a grade of the Old Paint Remover: Appropriate grade of the Old Paint Remover (the best consumption rate and exposure period) allows to get rid of up to 10 layers of paint within 1 cycle. Guidelines for individual selection of the best (optimal) Old Paint Remover grade are available at: Инструкция

Caution! Application of less than 300 g of the Old Paint Remover per square meter is unreasonable. Stippling and wiping into a surface compromises significantly its efficiency, reduces a number of paint layers removed per cycle and increases consumption. Mixing or dissolving any grades of the Old Paint Remover with other substances is not allowed.

7. Specifications:
Specifications Dimet Old Paint Remover
No. 158 No. 161 No. 222,223, SP-67 (grade A)
Base semi-volatile, organic solvents, including methylene chloride Organic solvents, chloride free organic solvents, including methylene chloride
Appearance Jellylike clear liquid
Density, kg/l 1,1-1,3 0,94-1,0 0,96-1,2
Number of paint layers removed up to 5 up to 10
Exposure period, hours from 0.5 to 4 from 1 to 36 from 1 to 8
Lifetime of the Old Paint Remover at optimal consumption rate, hours, minimum 4 36 (in a polyethylene compress) 8 (in a polyethylene compress)
Approximate consumption 1 l per 1- 4 sq m depending on thickness of coating to be removed
Temperature of treated surface, °С from 0 to + 35 from +5 to + 50 from +5 to +40
Surface treatment after the Old Paint Remover Flushing under pressure.  It is preferred to flush parts not just with water but with a FAS-104 technical cleaning and inhibiting solution. Wiping with Turbo-Reactive Solvent, toluene.
Do not use kerosene, white spirit or petroleum solvent!
Storage (in the original package, from date of manufacture) 1 year
Package polyethylene fuel cans (10 l each)

8. Safety precautions: Volatile components that evolve during application have a moderate irritating effect on conjunctiva and upper respiratory airways and a light narcotic action. Wear overalls, rubber gloves and safety goggles when working with the product. In the event of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of running water.
Store and transport the Old Paint Remover in tightly closed containers at -20°С to +30°С. Avoid freezing. Do not mix with other agents The manufacturer ensures that the product complies with the specifications provided that transportation, storage and application requirements set out in this manual are observed.

9. Disposal: Exhausted product shall be disposed as an organic solvent.