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Preservative substances and hydrophobizators for wood and concrete,
automobile chemical goods, paint removers, anticorrosive PM, solvents for printing industry.

Base — Hydrofuge 1 (Hydrophobizator, Ultra-Antiseptic Impregnation Compound)

Гидрофобизатор - "Пропитка ультра-антисептическая "Base" – Гидрофоб 1"

Base — Hydrofuge 1 (Hydrophobizator, Ultra-Antiseptic Impregnation Compound)

Product description:

Base — Hydrofuge 1 Ultra-Antiseptic Impregnation Compound is an antiseptic organic-dissolved composition based on the mixture of saturated hydrocarbons and acrylic thickener. Owing to toluene, a non-polar solvent, it has excellent surface flowability and wettability and penetrates reliably into the surface porous structure of the material to be protected.

It is used for hydrofobization, stabilization and protection from biodeterioration of constructive surfaces made of:

  1. brick;
  2. brick with subsequent filling;
  3. granite;
  4. camstone;
  5. terazzite plaster;
  6. foamed concrete;
  7. gas concrete;
  8. sawdust concrete.


  1. Apply the compound to a treated surface with a flywheel brush, a roller or a spray diffuser in two layers.
  2. The optimal temperature of air, compound and treated surface is minimum 0°С, relative air humidity – maximum 80%. In the exceptional cases the compound may be applied in rainy weather or at negative temperature without overflow ice on the surface. Clean new and untreated surfaces from dust and mud with a brush. Remove old unstable paintwork coatings following the mechanical or chemical method (“Old Paint Remover”).

Single treatment consumption rate over:

  1. brick – minimum 150-200 ml/sq m;
  2. brick with subsequent filling – minimum 150-200 ml/sq m;
  3. granite – minimum 75-100 ml/sq m;
  4. camstone – minimum 200-250 ml/sq m;
  5. plaster – minimum 200-250 ml/sq m;
  6. foamed concrete – minimum 400 ml/sq m;
  7. gas concrete – minimum 400 ml/sq m;
  8. sawdust concrete – minimum 400 ml/sq m.

Composition:amino derivatives of fatty acids, mixture of saturated hydrocarbons, acrylic thickeners, antiseptic agents, SAS, organic solvents.

Before painting the surface protected with Base-HYDROFUGE-1, treat it with a professional cleaning composition FAS-101!

Safety precautions: Wear overalls, rubber gloves and safety goggles when using the compound. In the event of contact with skin or eyes immediately rinse thoroughly with running water. The compound is flammable! Keep out of reach of children! Store in tightly closed containers away from fire sources.

Particular features: The special solvent system ensures good wettability and surface flowability along with reliable penetration into the surface porous structure of the material to be protected. Using the advanced antiseptics allows to protect construction materials from mold fungus and blue fungus. The impregnation reduces water absorption and preserves vapor and gas permeability of the surface. Moreover, the compound intensifies color depth of a treated surface, producing the so-called “wet stone” effect. The hydrophobization prevents the growth and spread of biodeterioration (fungus and mold) during the seasonal drops in temperature, steady rains or winter conditions.

Technological benefits:

  1. Being free of water, the compound can be applied all year round.
  2. Both dry and damped surfaces may be treated.
  3. Subsequent treatment steps are allowed either using the “wet-on-wet” technology or after the previous layer of fixing solution has dried out completely.
  4. The hydrofobization effect appears immediately after drying out.
  5. Since the non-volatile part of solution is fully non-crystalline, it does not form any salts after it dries out. It allows to prevent the crystals forming and growing inside the pores, and, consequently, hinder the growth of inner subsurface stress during the application of construction materials.
  6. The impregnation protects the surface from salt efflorescence. No salt bleedings through the treated surface.