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Preservative substances and hydrophobizators for wood and concrete,
automobile chemical goods, paint removers, anticorrosive PM, solvents for printing industry.

D-Gel – Solvent for Hydrophobic Filler (Hydrophobin) Removal from Fiber Optic Cores


Product description:
MENDELEEV research and production company has developed and put into production Turbo-Reactive Solvent grade D, an equivalent (substitute) of imported D-gel. It is designed to degrease optic parts and remove hydrophobic filler (hydrophobin) from fiber optic cores in the course of assembly.

  • Low volatility allows to minimize solvent consumption during degreasing operations or hydrophobin removal;
  • Safe for PVC plastics and optical fiber;
  • Excellent detergent properties in relation to oils, fats, soot and smut;
  • Efficiently removes silicone hydrophobizated fillers during fiber optic cable stripping;
  • Does not conduct electrical current (dielectric);
  • Flashpoint is above 60°С, not a HIL;
  • Does not cause corrosion of metal surfaces (ferrous and non-ferrous metals) and contains no aggressive components;
  • Does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons that destruct the ozone layer;
  • Has water displacing properties and is suitable for wet surface cleaning.
Physical and chemical properties and characteristics of mixed organic solvent
No. Designation Standard for Turbo-Reactive Solvent grade В
1 Appearance and color Clear, colorless liquid without mechanical inclusions
2 Density at 20°С, g/cu cm, within 0,80 — 0,81
3 Fractional composition:
IBP, °С, minimum
90% are distilled at a temperature, °С, up to
residuals in a bottle, %, minimum
4 Odor Specific orange
5 Water solubility Almost insoluble, provides whitish emulsion with water
6 Hydrogen ion concentration in water extract, рН Neutral
7 Volatility according to butyl acetate (butyl acetate = 100) less than 10
8 Flashpoint in a closed cup, °С 62
9 Weight percentage of volatiles, %, minimum 99

Sanitary and Epidemiological Examination Report No.П.016334.10.01 dd October 01, 2009