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Red Lead Paint (corrosion protection)

Red Lead Paint (corrosion protection)

Red Lead Paint (corrosion protection)

Product description:

Red Lead Paint is an anticorrosive composition for protection and decorative treatment of corroded and new metal surfaces in atmospheric conditions. It has stabilizing and modifying effect on corrosion, while forming a fine, durable and long-term coat.

  • the most efficient anticorrosion coloring agent
  • high adhesion and coverage
  • provides long-term inhibiting action for corrosive processes
  • fast-setting, without drying agents; drying time from dust – 1 hour at 20°С
  • excellent painting properties

2. Recommended use

  • as a single anticorrosive coating or a primer for metal surfaces, including those affected by scale residue or compact corrosion
  • as a single protective and decorative coating for new and previously painted concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces

3. Application

  • the composition is ready-to-use
  • it is allowed to add up to 10% of solvent (Turbo-Reactive, solvent) to reduce viscosity
  • carefully mix and apply with a brush, a roller or a paint sprayer
  • minimum consumption per layer: 50 g/sq m
  • minimum quantity of applied layers: as a primer – 1, as a single coating – 2
  • minimum inter-layer drying time: 2 hours

4. Recommendations

  • ensure that the surface is dry, free of dust and contaminants
  • degrease the greasy surface with solvent
  • minimum inter-layer drying time is 2 hours
  • apply to a dry surface without overflow ice at 5°С max
  • wash tools with Turbo-Reactive Solvent or Solvent No. 646

5. Composition 

  • acrylic and alkyd resins
  • red lead paint
  • anticorrosive pigments and fillers
  • flexibilizers
  • special additives
  • organic solvents

6. Safety precautions

  • wear rubber gloves and safety goggles
  • provide good ventilation in the room
  • store and transport in tightly closed containers at -10°С to +30°С
  • dried-out coating is safe for humans

7. Solvents

Shelf life: 12 months.

TU 2257-026-48958573-2005
Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection Report No.П.011143.06.10 dd. June 29, 2010

8. Specifications

Relative viscosity according to VZ-246 viscometer, ? of nozzle – 4 mm at 20.0±0.5°С, sec. 60-80
Volume solids %, min 50
Coverage, g/sq m, min 150
Film flexibility at bending, mm, min 2
Coating hardness according to 2124TML rocker, c.u., min 0,20
Coating shock strength according to U-1 device, cm, min 40
Film adhesion, max 1
Color Orange