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Wood bleaching agent “Snegurochka-2”


Materials supplier: MENDELEEV LTD.
Applied materials: “Snegurochka-2” wood bleaching agent.
Objective: restoration of fungi-affected wood.
Date of operation: May, 2012.
Air temperature: from 7 to 16? С
Relative air humidity: 81 to 94%.

Such processes as wood decay, loss of color, fungi, moss and weed growth are widespread. Mendeleev Ltd. offers you special agents for bleaching and preliminary wood preservation as well as for sanitation of construction materials “Snegurochka-2”.

Wood bleaching agent "Snegurochka-2"

Here is an experiment exposing fungi removal from a wooden pallet. The pallet was divided into 3 parts by a black permanent marker. To the lower part the composition will subsequently be applied.

Wood bleaching agent "Snegurochka-2"

For bleaching you will need: water, “Snegurochka-2” Composition and bristle brushes. Two-component “Snegurochka-2” Composition consists of alkaline component Snegurochka and hydrogen peroxide with minimum 35% concentration. The Composition MUST NOT be intermixed with hydrogen peroxide and/or acids!

Wood bleaching agent "Snegurochka-2"

Before bleaching remove all mud, resin, old unstable paintwork coatings with a brush, solvent or «Old Paint Remover».

Wood bleaching agent "Snegurochka-2"

To the lower part of the pallet the first “Snegurochka-2” alkaline component was applied and kept for 20-30 minutes.

Wood bleaching agent "Snegurochka-2"

1. 2. 3.

Then hydrogen peroxide is applied. Reaction between hydrogen peroxide and “Snegurochka-2” Composition is shown in fragments 1 and 2 (pic.5), where intense foaming can be observed. Hydrogen peroxide is kept on the surface for 30-60 minutes until foaming ceases as is shown in fragment 3 (pic.5)

Wood bleaching agent "Snegurochka-2"

Then it’s necessary to wash the surface with water and allow the wood to dry. Repeat the process if necessary.

Wood bleaching agent "Snegurochka-2"

The result of the experiment conducted. Then the wood should be treated with antiseptic composition.

Wood bleaching agent "Snegurochka-2"

Safety precautions should be observed in working with “Snegurochka-2” Composition. Wear overalls, rubber gloves and safety goggles. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes. Avoid inhaling vapors when spraying.