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Video report and description of bleaching process using two-component agent Snegurochka-2


(The text is an interpretation of video material)

We represent you a product developed by Mendeleev Ltd. from Saint Petersburg. It is a two-component wood bleaching agent – Snegurochka-2.
Let’s take a pallet for our experiment. Remove the upper contaminated layer using a jack plane. Now we see the limits of upper and lower zones. The lower part will be bleached using a chemical method.

Let’s proceed with antiseptic treatment and take the first component – Snegurochka-2.

Snegurochka-2 is a clear liquid without any odor. It is a highly-efficient agent designed to catalyze, bleach and preserve wood.

Let’s apply at least 100 ml of Snegurochka-2 per square meter with a flywheel brush and wait for 20-30 minutes.

Snegurochka-2 destroys fungi, weeds, moss and bacteria and makes their waste products colorless. This solution is recommended both for interior and exterior operations. It is free of chlorine and not flammable!

The second component is hydric dioxide with minimum concentration of 30%. Please note that mixing Snegurochka-2 and hydric dioxide with each other or any other solutions is not allowed. Let’s apply at least 100 ml of hydric dioxide per square meter and wait until foaming stops. As a rule, it takes about 30-60 min. Wear overalls, rubber gloves and safety goggles when working with solutions. In the event of contact with skin or mucus membranes, rinse immediately with plenty of running water and consult a doctor if necessary.

Store solutions in tightly closed containers at +5°С to +35°С. Shelf life is 24 months! Keep out of reach of children!

Then thoroughly flush the treated surface with water. It is also possible to rinse with a radial water jet using a K?rcher high-pressure cleaner. We recommend treating the most damaged areas again to enhance a bleaching effect.

Snegurochka-2 will restore your most valuable woodwork!