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Modelled decor restoration


Materials supplier: Mendeleev Ltd.
Object address: Saint Petersburg, 13, Kamenoostrovsky Prospekt.
Works executed by: Lapin enterprise Ltd.
Object address: Saint Petersburg, 23, Konnogvardeysky Boulevard.
Works executed by: ZAO Remfasad, ZAO Fasadremstroy.
Date of operation: June-August, 2011.
Air temperature: +18 to +26?С.
Relative air humidity: 75 to 90%.

Facade plaster decor is a very important part in restoration of the buildings historical appearance.  It accentuates the building decoration refinement and gives the impression of the overall architectural composition integrity.  Modelled articles restoration includes a vast complex of works. Molded stucco restoration technique requires carefulness of execution and high professional competence. Modelled decor elements are subject to considerable destruction and natural dilapidation. The most widespread type of stucco molded elements distortion is their detailing and relief change due to repeated coating with paint materials. Therefore the old paint is removed from plaster elements with old paint removers only. However, not all of the available compositions can be applied. So, how can one remove the old paint without damaging the molded stucco and plaster? Saint Petersburg’s restoration specialists use Old Paint Remover No.222 for that purpose. It is a so-called ‘hybrid’ composition based on high and low-boiling solvents. Old Paint Remover No.222 contains neither acids nor alkalis and therefore does not destroy plaster, concrete, cement or alabaster.

Modelled decor restoration
Pic.1- Old Paint Remover No.222 with modelled decor on the background.

Old Paint Remover No.222 is applied with a brush or a roller in even layers. Product consumption is 350-600 ml per square meter. Old Paint Remover No.222 commences to effect after 30 minutes.

Modelled decor restoration
Pic.2 – The old paint scales off after the surface treatment with Old Paint Remover No.222

Cover the treated surface with a textile compress saturated with the remover and place a stretch film over it to enhance efficiency of the product.

Modelled decor restoration
Pic.3 – Removing the old paint from plaster with a chisel

On the stipulation that the works technology is strictly observed Old Paint Remover No.222 can remove up to 10 layers of paint per one-time application.

Modelled decor restoration
Pic.4 – The bloated paint film is removed manually with no effort.

Old Paint Remover eliminates complex coating systems and does not dry out on a surface during over 10 hours.

Modelled decor restoration
Pic. 5 – Modelled decor cleaned with Old Paint Remover No.222

Note that the relief of forms, accuracy of lines, depth and precision of the drawing was preserved owing to Old Paint Remover No.222 usage.

Modelled decor restoration
Pic. 6 – Old Paint Remover No.222 removed the old paint, leaving the curves and outlines of the modelled decor undamaged.

Most often geometric and floral ornaments, including various shapes and symbols (cones, squares, rhombs, leaves, fruit, flowers), are used in modelled decor. All these require careful cleaning.

Modelled decor restoration
Pic.7 – Decorative elements before and after Old Paint Remover No.222 application


Modelled decor restoration
Pic.8 – Modelled decor elements cleaned from multilayer paint coatings

The artistic design if the modelled decor was restored and prepared for painting. All details and original peculiarities of the decor were preserved.