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Graffiti removal


Materials supplier: Mendeleev Ltd.
Compositions used: Powder Paint Remover No.281.
Date of operation: September, 2011.
Air temperature: +5 to +12?С.
Relative air humidity: 84 to 98%.

Today graffiti is a sort of street art, one of the most popular forms of artistic self-expression all over the world. Graffiti include all kinds of wall drawings – simple words as well as exquisite graphics. от простых слов до изысканных рисунков. Unfortunately, nearly each wall, architecture monument, railroad car or subway station is covered with graffiti. This is but a brief list of what was vandalized with the help of a spray can. Our construction companies, communal services and restoration workers have to paint these drawings over. In Pic.1 it is seen that the painted surface was covered with graffiti and then it was painted over, although the tags should have been washed off first. As graffiti was not removed they emerged through paint coating again.  The right solution would be to wash the vandal drawing off the surface. Mendeleev Ltd. experts made their practicable contribution to the struggle against graffiti, having designed Old Paint Remover No.281, a graffiti removal agent.

Graffiti removal
Pic.1 – Graffiti on a building facade.

Old Paint Remover No.281 is designed to remove thin hard-to-destruct paint coatings following a spraying method.

Graffiti removal
Pic.2 – Old Paint Remover No.281 with a defiled surface on the background.

Apply Old Paint Remover No.281 with a hand sprayer (it may as well be done with a brush or a roller) and wait for several minutes. The agent does not contain neither acids nor alkalis.

Graffiti removal
Pic.3 – Apply the agent to remove graffiti layer from the painted surface.

To remove graffiti spray Old Paint Remover No.281 evenly onto the drawing. Product consumption in this case will be minimum 200 ml per square meter.

Graffiti removal
Pic.4 – Clean the surface applying Old Paint Remover No.281 onto the graffiti with a hand sprayer.

Wear overalls and rubber gloves and safety when working with the product.

Graffiti removal
Pic.5 – Old Paint Remover No.281 exposure.

Exposure time is 2 to 10 minutes. Graffiti layers gradually disappear.

Graffiti removal
Pic.6 – One-time surface treatment against graffiti.

To enhance wall surface cleaning, increase Old Paint Remover No.281 consumption and exposure time.

Graffiti removal
Pic.7 – Apply Old Paint Remover No.281 with a brush.

To clean the most defiled surface rub Old Paint Remover No.281 into it with a brush or a rag.

Graffiti removal
Pic.8 – Rinse the surface with water using a hand sprayer.

Flush the disrupted paint with a radial water jet (using K?rcher-type high-pressure cleaners).

Graffiti removal
Pic.9 – Rinse the surface with water using a hand sprayer.

The wall cleaned from graffiti with Old Paint Remover No.281

Graffiti removal
Pic.10 – Building facade surface, coated with facade paint after all graffiti had been removed.

A cleaning company refreshed the building facade. Please note that not a single trace of graffiti was left. They all had been removed with Old Paint Remover No.281 beforehand.