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Graffiti removal from roller shutters


Address: Saint Petersburg, 50, Ligovsky Prospekt.
Materials supplier: Mendeleev Ltd.
Date of operation: October 18, 2011.
Objective: Remove graffiti from roller shutters, leaving the thin decorative powder paint layer undamaged.
Product used: Old Paint Remover No.281.
Air temperature: +12?C.
Relative air humidity: 93%.

Graffiti removal from roller shutters
Pic.1 – Please note that the roller shutters are coated with a thin powder paint layer and that it is Old Paint Remover No. 281 that will remove graffiti without damaging the primal paint layer.
Graffiti removal from roller shutters
Pic.2 – Product used at the object – Old Paint Remover No.281. It is designed to remove thin hard-to-destruct paint coatings following a spraying method.  The remover is a liquid of grayish-white color, it does contain neither acids nor alkalis. Product consumption: minimum 200 ml per square meter. Please note that this remover is used for graffiti removal only.
Graffiti removal from roller shutters
Pic.3 – Applying Old Paint Remover No.281 onto the graffiti with a hand pulverizer. After 3-5 minutes exposure the remover starts to work. During the old paint removal procedure wear safety gloves and goggles.
Graffiti removal from roller shutters
Pic.4 – Exposure time: 3-5 minutes. The graffiti paint starts to blister. After the adhesion is destructed, graffiti may be removed with rags or brushes.
Graffiti removal from roller shutters
Pic.5 – Graffiti paint is removed with minimal efforts even with a conventional multilayer napkin.
Graffiti removal from roller shutters
Pic.6 – Almost all of the old paint was removed from roller shutters. Remove the paint out of the roller shutter technological sockets with a small brush.
Graffiti removal from roller shutters
Pic.7 – Graffiti removed from roller shutters completely. After paint removal, the surface should be rinsed out with a little water.