Mendeleev Ltd.

Development and production of paintwork materials

Preservative substances and hydrophobizators for wood and concrete,
automobile chemical goods, paint removers, anticorrosive PM, solvents for printing industry.

40, Nekrasova St.


Object address: 40, Nekrasova St.
Air temperature: +23?C.
Relative air humidity: 69%.
Date of operation: summer, 2011.
Materials supplier: Mendeleev Ltd.

40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.1 – View of the building before restoration.
40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.2 – General view of the house during restoration.
40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.3 – Information on the state customer, the general contractor and the restoration works customer.

Customer: Saint Petersburg Government Establishment “Customer’s Directorate on restoration works on historical and cultural monuments”.

General contractor: Science Production Holding Company Remstroykompleks Ltd.

40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.4 – The result of the remover application on an ancient bas-relief.
40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.5 – The beginning of the old coating removal works.
40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.6 – Cleaned fa?ade elements.
40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.7 – One of the d?cor elements.
40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.8 – A lion’s head bas-relief, cleaned from multilayer paint.
40, Nekrasova St.
40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.10 – The building view as seen from 11, Bolshoy Kazachiy Pereulok (1897).
40, Nekrasova St.
Pic.11 – The Yegorovskiye baths interiors (1914).

Building historical background:

Rented apartment house and baths of Y.S. Yegorov.

Architect: Pavel Yulievich Syuzor.

В 1875г. In 1875 Yegorov received the Saint Petersburg municipal council’s permission to build the house. Pavel Yulievich Syuzor was honored with a gold medal at the exhibition in Vienna.

In autumn 1879 a Saint Petersburg newspaper “Golos” announced that the Yegorovskiye baths were open for callers.

In 1993 the baths house closed.

In 1994 the baths house was rearranged.  By the end of the year first callers were received. In 1995 a hairdressing salon was opened, manicure and pedicure rooms and a solarium. Today it is a modern bath complex with a swimming pool, deluxe suites and common class baths. Open around the clock.

A foreman’s comment.

– Mendeleev? Yeah, sure I know it. Your paint remover helped me a lot while I was cleaning the Smolny cathedral. The whole facade was cleaned.

– How long have our products been familiar to you?

– Quite a long time already. Since 2001.

– Do you know a lot of our products?

– Well, yes. I restored the whole Vosstaniya St. with your products. So, quite a wide range of products came in my way.

– Thanks.