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34, Suvorovsky Prospekt


Object: 34, Suvorovsky Prospekt.
Air temperature: +18?C.
Relative air humidity: 81%.
Date of operation: summer 2011.

34, Suvorovsky Prospekt
Pic.1 – View of the building before restoration. Year 2010
34, Suvorovsky Prospekt
Pic.2 – General view of the house during restoration
34, Suvorovsky Prospekt
Pic.3 – Information on the state customer and the general contractor

Customer: Saint Petersburg Government Establishment ‘Customer’s Directorate on restoration works on historical and cultural monuments’
General contractor: Intarsia Group of Companies.

34, Suvorovsky Prospekt
Pic.4 – Product used
34, Suvorovsky Prospekt
Pic.5 – The wall with Old Paint Remover SP-67, grade A applied.

After 30 minutes exposure the old paint coating is easily removed with a spattle.

34, Suvorovsky Prospekt
Pic.6 – A bas-relief cleaned from multilayer paint.

Please note that the facade element was not damaged during paint removal.

34, Suvorovsky Prospekt
Pic.7 – A balcony support cleaned from multilayer paint.

Old Paint Remover SP-67 grade A worked excellently even on the most difficult areas of the object.

Historical background

34, Suvorovsky Prospekt
Architect A.V. Kashchenko’s own rented apartment house.
Architect:  A.V. Kashchenko
Date of construction: 1901.
Style: Moderne.

In 1900 A.V. Kashchenko acquired a plot of 34/1 house from its former owner Vasili Ivanovich Ivankov. Alexander Vassilyevich made a design of his new house reconstruction by himself and sent it to the municipal council, where it was approved.
A.V. Kashchenko’s project:

  1. The height of the buildings projected must conform to article 358, vol.XII of the Constructional Statute;
  2. Mansard-like attic will not contain dwelling space.
The new 6-storeyed house occupied the whole plot and reached the height permitted by the Construction statute of the capital.
In 2001 the house was included by Saint Petersburg Committee on state supervision, exploitation and preservation of historical and cultural monuments in the “List of newly revealed objects of historical, artistic or other cultural value”