Mendeleev Ltd.

Development and production of paintwork materials

Preservative substances and hydrophobizators for wood and concrete,
automobile chemical goods, paint removers, anticorrosive PM, solvents for printing industry.

27-29, Mokhovaya St.

Materials supplier: Mendeleev Ltd.
27-29, Mokhovaya St.

The facade of the building before restoration. Year 2010.
27-29, Mokhovaya St.

Object address: 27-29, Mokhovaya St.
Date of operation: July, 2011.
Air temperature +27?C.
Relative air humidity: 73%.

27-29, Mokhovaya St.

General view of the house during restoration works.
27-29, Mokhovaya St.
Information on the state customer, the general contractor and the restoration works customer: State customer: Saint Petersburg Committee on state supervision, exploitation and preservation of historical and cultural monuments.

Internet site:

Customer: Saint Petersburg Government Establishment “Customer’s Directorate on restoration works on historical and cultural monuments”
Address: Saint Petersburg, 1, Lomonosov sq.
General contractor: Vologda restoration company, Ltd.

27-29, Mokhovaya St.

The product of Mendeleev Ltd. used at the object with a nontreated window frame on the background
Old Paint Remover SP-67, grade A

27-29, Mokhovaya St.

Removing the old paint from a window frame.
27-29, Mokhovaya St.
After 30 minutes removal exposure the old paint coating is easily removed with a spattle.
27-29, Mokhovaya St.

The visible result of the remover application.

The building’s historical background.

Architects: N.L. Benua (main part of the dwelling space), N.D. Prokofiev (interior decoration and lattice design)
Year of construction: 1897-1899
Style: Neo-Renaissance
In 1740-1750s the building belonged to J?germeister office.
In 1740s the right part of the lot belonged to brothers Giovanni and Ignatio Rossi.
In 1772 they sold the lot to Anna Karlovna Vorontsova.
In 1780 the neighboring empty lot was granted to major F.M. Tolstoi, at the same time he bought the yard of late Vorontsova and the houses No.27 and 29 became joined.
In 1781 the house was sold by A.K. Vorontsova to P.M. Skavronsky.
From 1814 to 1819 it belonged to Viktor Pavlovich Kochubey.
In 1836 the house passed to manufacturer I.A. Maltsev.
Since 1870s a girls’ classic school was located here.
In 1897 the plot was sold to the ‘Rossia’ insurance company.
In 1910 the left part of the building was occupied by the Bulgarian embassy.
After 1917 the quarters of eminent tenants were turned into communal flats.

The article was written by Nikita Pavlyuchenko and Anton Alekseev Pictures by Nikita Pavlyuchenko.