Mendeleev Ltd.

Development and production of paintwork materials

Preservative substances and hydrophobizators for wood and concrete,
automobile chemical goods, paint removers, anticorrosive PM, solvents for printing industry.

11, Pestelya St.


Object address: Saint Petersburg, 11, Pestelya St.
Relative air humidity: 73 to 95%.
Air temperature: +15 to 27?С.
Materials supplier: Mendeleev Ltd.
Date of operation: July-August, 2011.

11, Pestelya St.
Pic.1 – View of the building before restoration (2010).
11, Pestelya St.
Pic.2 – The building covered by restoration scaffolding. As seen from Solyanoy lane.
11, Pestelya St.
Pic.3 – State customer.

State customer: Saint Petersburg Committee on state supervision, exploitation and preservation of historical and cultural monuments.
Customer: Saint Petersburg Government Establishment ‘Customer’s Directorate on restoration works on historical and cultural monuments’ General contractor: Stroytekhuslugi Ltd.

11, Pestelya St.

Works on cleaning the surfaces from the old paint are executed chemically, using Old Paint Remover no.161.

11, Pestelya St.
Pic.5 – A worker of a repair team applies remover onto the building facade by roughcasting. Then with a brush he will distribute the remover evenly over the surface to be cleaned.
11, Pestelya St.
Pic.6 – Powder Paint Remover No.161 is applied onto the facade. In 14-16 hours the paint coating will get disrupted and it will easily be removed from the surface with a spattle.
11, Pestelya St.
Pic.7 – The visible result of the remover application. Left – before paint removal. Right – part of the wall cleaned from the old paint and prepared for applying spackling layer.
11, Pestelya St.
Pic.8 – After old paint removal from the facade, there was applied a spackling layer, the excess thereof is removed with emery cloth.
11, Pestelya St.
Pic.9 – Old Paint Remover No.161 did it perfect on wooden window frames of the object.
11, Pestelya St.
Pic.10 – Cleaned from the old paint and spackled surface of the memorial tablet.
11, Pestelya St.

Historical background

11, Pestelya St.

A rented apartment house – Furnished rooms of Е.А. Shobert – Zaremba’s house.


1861 – Architect N.A. Gamazov – the house rebuilt, the right part is destroyed
1901-1902 – Architect A.P. Maksimov – the yard
1944-1946 – Architects A.A. Leyman, V.A. Kamensky – rebuilding
Year of construction: 1861, 1944-1946
Style: Classicism

This memorial is dedicated to the memory of the Hanko peninsula defenders. Since June 22, 1941 German air and naval forces attacked a Soviet Navy base, situated on the Hanko peninsula, defended by the battle units of the Red Army. Finland fought on the German side. The defence of Hanko entered the history of the Soviet naval art as an example of heroic and skillful struggle in skerry and insular areas. In honor of the victory the Church of St. Panteleimon was raised. Opposite the church is the house of Zaremba (professor, the director of the Saint Petersburg conservatoire). In 1944-1956 a part of the rented apartment house was restored. The end facade turned into a memorial tablet seen from Fontanka embankment. The bas-relief with marine symbolism, superimposed inscriptions and banners is four storey high. At that same time the plot of the adjacent territory was improved.

Furnished rooms of E.A. Shobert:

– In 1865 there lived Tschaikovsky (1840-1893) – composer.
– 1871-1872 – N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908) – composer, conductor.
– 1871-1872 – M.P.Mussorgsky (1839-1881) – composer.
– 1921-1922 – A.S. Grin (1880-1932) – author.