Mendeleev Ltd.

Development and production of paintwork materials

Preservative substances and hydrophobizators for wood and concrete,
automobile chemical goods, paint removers, anticorrosive PM, solvents for printing industry.

11, Kolokolnaya St.


Materials supplier: Mendeleev Ltd.
Compositions used: FAS-109 Alpinist, FAS-110.
Works execution address: Saint Petersburg, 11, Kolokolnaya St.
Works executed by: Gildia masterov Ltd.
Date of operation: June-August, 2011.
Air temperature: +19 to +28?С.
Relative air humidity: 65 to 98%.

Facade cleaning (chemical cleaning) is one of the most difficult kinds of cleaning services. Special technology, cleaning agents and professional skills are necessary to perform this type of service. Facade cleaning is performed with special chemical solutions, with due regard for the surface specifics and the degree of its contamination. Unfortunately, all this wide range of available cleaning compositions is intended for seasonal facade cleaning only. Such agents can remove only dust.

For the purpose of cleaning the surface of a facade from contamination there used the specialized materials, containing a number of active components, providing rust, soot, oily contamination and wall saltpeter removal. Mendeleev Ltd. manufacturing company produces a line of technical cleaning agents which provide: cleaning the surface of the building’s facade from soot and smut contamination, wall saltpeter, rust stains, removal from the facade fungal and moldy formations chemically, construction mixtures excesses removal after repair works. After cleaning the facade with special agents it acquires its primary view, which is retained for a considerably longer period of time due to the cleaning and protection with hydrophobic impregnations ВАSE – Hydrophobe.

11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.1 – General view of the house. Facade before cleaning.

Facade decor strikes with its diversity – stucco finishing in Russian style, brickwork and multicolor ornamented tiles, scattered in spots. Hipped roofs, kokoshnicks combined with motley ceramics contribute to the building’s peculiarity and attractiveness.

11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.2 – Glazed tiles before cleaning.

At this object FAS-109 Alpinist was used. The water-based composition is used for chemical facade and engineering constructions cleaning from atmospheric, mud, soil and oil contamination.

11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.3 – Building facade before soot and smut removal works.

FAS-109 Alpinist is designed to perform cleaning operations without falsework or scaffold-towers (high-rise cleaning). The product is applied for plastered, glazed and painted surfaces, natural and artificial stone, silicate and chamotte brick, concrete, glass, plastic and both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  Look at pic.3, please. The most contaminated surfaces on the building facade are highlighted here.

11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.4 – Glazed tiles (majolica) before chemical cleaning.

Facade of the building at 11, Kolokolnaya St., with a refined majolica decor. Being a type of ceramic tile, majolica was named after the Spanish island Majorca, to where merchants brought articles made of clay and glazed with tin or lead.

11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.5 – Magnificent artistic tile painting simply shines after chemical cleaning.

FAS-109 Alpinist is a concentrate. For machine washing it is to be dissolved at ratio 1:10. Material consumption: minimum 150ml/sq m of working solution (minimum 15ml of concentrate) per treatment in case of machine washing.

11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.6 – High degree brickwork contamination
11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.7 – Brickwork, cleaned with acid-containing FAS-109 Alpinist.

Brickwork cleaning was performed with FAS-109 Alpinist. In the most heavily contaminated places (building socle, cement fillets, decor surfaces) it is recommended to repeat the treatment.

11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.8 – Facade painted surface after cleaning with FAS109 Alpinist

In Pic.8 places cleaned from atmospheric contaminations are indicated.

11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.9 – Majolica cleaned with FAS-109 Alpinist.
11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.10 – An arch reveted with brick after cleaning.
11, Kolokolnaya St.
Pic.11 – Brickwork, cleaned with FAS-109.
Historical background:

Saint Petersburg, 11, Kolokolnaya St.
Rented apartment house of Nikonov. In the first half of the 19th century here stood a two-storeyed house of merchant Zimin.
In 1846 it was rebuilt by architect Kulakov. Later the house belonged to Abramov, a merchant of the 2nd guild, who opened a tavern in it. Then in 1899 the house was acquired by architect N.N. Nikonov, who made it five-storeyed.
Today Nikonov’s rented apartment house is included in Unified state register of cultural heritage objects (cultural and historical monuments) of the nations of the Russian Federation as an object of cultural heritage of regional importance.